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3 September 2019

Kwari is Giving you a head start!!!!

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What Is Kwari?

What Is Kwari?

On the surface Kwari is a free-to-download superior rapid-action first-person shooter. However, there is a whole lot more going on here. Kwari has been designed with a singular purpose in mind - to give you the opportunity to translate your shooter skills into some serious cash. Every time you hit another player in Kwari you make money. Every time you are hit by another player it costs you. Every shot counts. How much is down to the stake level you play in. But, this is not the only way to win money.

You also have the "Pill" in each match. If you are the player that holds The Pill for the longest amount of time or you are the player holding The Pill when the match ends you will be rewarded with a cash prize. Then there are the Key Jackpots. The Jackpots run across all stake games and can be won by any player regardless of rank or stake level. Finally, you will also receive Challenges. These can be completed at any time and also reward you with cash.

There are many ways to win money by playing Kwari and, most important of all, the money in the game belongs to you the players. At no point does Kwari take any of the stake. 100% of the cash generated playing the game goes back to the players. The only time we ask for any money is when you buy the ammo to play.

If you’re new to Kwari you can find out more about the game and how to play by clicking the links in the navigation to your left.