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15 January 2016

Kwari now offers players even more ways to make a killing

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The Pill

We’ve seen several playing styles evolve around The Pill:

Pitch A Tent
A time honoured practise, which boils down to players hiding, in wait, for The Pill to appear, guns at the ready to wipe out any that make a grab at the prize. Courageous players, unaware of the trap, throw all caution to the wind in an attempt to lay claim to the Pill amidst a hail of sniper fire and rocket shrapnel.

Pity The Fool
Players that have The Pill are less inclined to return fire on their foes and more interested in finding a quick exit via as many Med Kits as possible. This makes them extremely easy targets, bleeding money as they’re repeatedly shot in the back. Sometimes it’s better not to be the one carrying The Pill.

Run Forrest Run!
The lure of money tends to bring out the cheetah gene. The expert Pill carrier will traverse all the sneaky routes through the level. Keeping cover between themselves and their pursuers at all times, following Health Pack routes for times of need and making liberal use of Bouncers to confuse opponents.

Hunt The Hunters
Carrying The Pill is a tough job, you can guarantee that whoever has it is going to be closely followed by several other players. You can make some easy cash by simply hosing down the chasers. The chasers, like the Pill runner, will often be focused on the goal rather than sneaky players crashing the party.