Kwari & Anti-Cheating

We also have several mechanisms in place to ensure (and at the very least warn you) that no malicious third party programs are running, such as key loggers or other trojans that may be looking to steal your personal information.

Maybe most importantly MicroForte has taken the initial concept supplied and squeezed it through the grinder of design to ensure that it isn`t open to social engineering hacks. Player anonymity, skill balancing, player shuffling and a variety of other mechanics ensure that each and every game is fair and equal, with only the player's skill and choices making the difference.

Meanwhile, all the data flowing between the game and the Kwari data centre will be compiled, analysed and interpreted by a team of GameMasters whose sole responsibility it will be to ensure that any anomalous behaviour or performance by players is flagged and followed up with further investigation.

This level of scrutiny given to every data exchange in the game allows us to be sure that any players who have decided to cheat will firstly show up clearly, secondly be rigorously investigated and finally ejected from the game if they are found conclusively to have been cheating.