Kwari & Anti-Cheating

With enough processing power and bandwidth it would be possible to have a completely secure system where everything is run on the server, but in the interests of maintaining a great play experience we have split out crucial actions (money transactions) that have to be carried out server-side from less crucial actions which can be performed client-side and verified-server side as required.

BigWorld also utilizes a cunning Data LOD system that does away with many of the issues that are seen similar games, such as wall hacking. For example an individual client has no knowledge of entities that are not within its area of influence, it has no mesh, no name, no hit points, no damage - in fact there is not even any network traffic suggesting there is a such an entity in existence until it comes into the players area of influence.

Micro Forte has taken this principle a stage further employing specialist security coders to develop a range of client systems that make hacking the executable or any of data files as difficult as possible. Adding to this, the fact that Kwari will be regularly updating the executable and the encryption mechanisms, it simply becomes a waste of time for a potential hacker as every fresh release of the game renders previous hacks worthless.